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Welcome at Konstruktiv!

Agile Product Development and Rapid Prototyping

We bring ingenious ideas to life: from a first prototype all the way to bulk production.



  • Felix Piela

    Felix Piela

    mechanics, control theory and
    systems engineering

  • Felix Obée

    Felix Obée

    project management,
    workflow and pcb design

  • Ferdinand Streicher

    Ferdinand Streicher

    system architect
    and software developer

  • Nimer Darwiche

    Nimer Darwiche

    mechanical engineer and manufacturing

  • Banu Teinz

    Banu Teinz

    Project Manager

  • Carsten Henning

    Carsten Henning

    multi-tool in development

  • Johannes Christian Scheibe

    Johannes Christian Scheibe


  • Leopold Zieser

    Leopold Zieser

    Software Developer

  • Alina Elizarova

    Alina Elizarova


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